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Zero Pressure

Flexible Zoned Accumulation Conveyor

Zero Pressure CDLR is a chain driven live roller conveyor divided into individual zones. These zones can be individually driven by a motor and gear reducer in each zone or by a series of pneumatically engaged clutches that are powered from a common drive. ZP-CDLR allows multiple products to travel downstream in singular fashion with each product separated from the others. This can be critical in applications where one at a time release into a special zone is required such as a stretch wrapping zone or inspection station. This style of accumulation also protects fragile products or loads from bumping into one another.

Because our background has consisted primarily of custom built equipment, we stand apart from the competition when it comes to flexibility. Even our standard conveyors are built with your specific product in mind.

Our standard Zero-Pressure CDLR is pneumatically controlled by sensor rollers and a combination of mechanical valves which engage or disengage pneumatic clutches that drive individual zones. Standard logic is setup for "convey on and convey off" situations.  As products are introduced into the system, they convey down stream to the last unoccupied zone.  This is repeated until all zones are filled.  Up to this point, there are no additional controls required. To release a product from the end of the Zero-pressure conveyor, the end user is required to power a solenoid operated valve that is supplied with the conveyor.  This will over-ride the pneumatic logic and engage the clutch in the last zone.  After the product has cleared the sensor roller in the last zone, the next product will advance forward.  The other products will follow in a cascading fashion.  The cascade release design only allows a maximum of half the zones to advance at one time reducing the required horsepower of the system's drive. This design is commonly used as a feed conveyor for stackers, destackers, shrink wrappers, palletizers, turntables, right angle transfers, elevators etc. Anytime a product needs to be singulated into or accumulated after an operation.

Products being conveyed on our sensor roller style system MUST have a solid bottom or full length boards running perpendicular to the rollers. For products that do not fit the criteria for sensor rollers, we offer other designs which incorporate photo electric sensors and solenoid valves with internal accumulation logic.  The sensor is very compact which allows it to be mounted in configurations that would be impossible for typical photo-electric sensors. An interface module will be supplied which allows the product to be released from the discharge zone with a signal from the end user’s controls. The interface module also offers a time delay function for products being unloaded with a forklift or other means.  The 24 volt DC power supply is included as well as a filter/regulator/lubricator assembly.

For applications where PLC's and other controls are being supplied by other sources, we can supply our conveyor with or without other valve and sensor combinations, dependent upon your needs.  Our standard Photo-eyes are Allen Bradley, and our standard valves are Parker.

We offer many special options. Whether it's an ultra-sonic sensor or adjustable time delay for loading or unloading, an over-ride for a workstation, or power crossover, we can build to fit your needs.   Contact us today.  We're here for you.


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