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Chain Conveyors

Move Your Products

Chain Conveyors (Drag Chain) are used primarily for “wrong way” pallets or racks. Structural tube steel rails are connected together by welded on structural angle spreaders. Either a UHMW chain track or a steel wear bar provides the structural support for the chain that is typically driven by an underhung center drive. Idler sprockets with pressed in bearings allow the chain to wrap around the end of the conveyor and begin its return path through the inside of the structural tube. Idler sprockets placed intermittently along the return path prevent the chain from riding on the bottom of the tube.

Standard Specifications

Conveyor Frame
Heavy duty welded construction with structural tube chain rails

Chain Track
UHMW Polyethylene on C50, C60 and C80 sizes (up to 3000 lbs.) provides wear resistance, quiet operation and reduces power requirements. Special alloy steel track on C80 (3000 lbs. and up), C100 and RC120 sizes for increased load.

Conveyor Chain
"C" series, straight side-bar chain on sizes C50 through C100 is used. This flat plate chain reduces product damage and wear compared to traditional roller chain.

Padded Chain
Transfer chain with non-marring pads assembled to the chain. Glass or painted parts are just some of the products that can be conveyed on this chain.

Polyurethane v-belts or flat belts are available for non-marring applications.

Center-mounted drive allows chain travel to be reverse. Drive and pinch points are guarded.

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