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Activated Roller Belt Conveyors

Low Maintenance Package Manipulation Conveyor
Omni Metalcraft Corp.'s Activated Roller™ Belt (ARB) conveyor utilizes patented design technology in conjunction with Intralox Series 400 ARB belting to create an innovative way to sort, align, singulate, center, and manipulate products with minimal contact, and maximum efficiency. The ARB conveyor's low maintenance, long-term cost savings & flexibilty make it a better choice than traditional package manipulation style material handling equipment.

Omni's Activated Roller™ Belt (ARB) conveyors are an innovative solution for superior package manipulation.  When compared to conventional product manipulation technology, ARB effectively & consistently performs the following;

  • package centering
  • package alignment
  • singulation after robotic depalletizing
  • singulation for pallet layers or rows
  • sortation
  • changing package orientation

Omni’s ARB conveyors feature a simple design and are therefore less expensive to build, operate, and maintain. Omni’s ARB conveyors have fewer moving parts, allow a smaller equipment footprint, requires virtually no maintenance, and eliminates troublesome catch points that cause product jams. By design, Omni's ARB conveyors last longer, improve efficiency, further reducing costs and increasing productivity.  ARB conveyors handle a wide range of package dimensions and characteristics.

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