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24 Volt DC Motor Driven Roller Conveyor

The advancements in 24 Volt Motor Driven technology and the high tech world of control cards make 24 Volt Conveyors extremely versatile. The 24 Volt DC Motor Driven Roller Conveyors differ from traditional conveyors that utilize a continuous running AC Motor to drive the system. For larger systems, this may utilize multiple motors that would be run continuously which adds noise, heat and expense. By utilizing the 24 Volt MDR technology, these disadvantages are removed and other system advantages come into play. Omni offers two different 24V technologies to suit every need and application.

Omni's Two 24V Technologies

FMDR - Flat Motor Driven Roller Conveyor

  • No gear box allows for a quiet, long lasting, low maintenance conveyor solution
  • You only need to stock one motor for any between frame (BF)
  • Speeds from 30 - 200 FPM
  • Multiple controls options available
  • Transportation and zero pressure systems

MDR - Motor Driven Roller Conveyor

  • Smooth and quiet operation
  • Less vertical frame height required than other competing conveyor technologies
  • Great for modifying existing gravity conveyor utilizing an existing hex hole
  • Speeds from 20 - 200 FPM
  • Standard designs can be modified to transport heavier loads if needed
  • Multiple controls options available
  • Transportation and zero pressure systems

Advantages Common to 24 Volt DC Conveyors

Saves Space

  • Saves space by eliminating traditional power transmission components, multiple conveyor lines can be tiered taking up less vertical space
  • Frames can mount directly to the floor adding to available space

Quiet Operation

  • Conveyor rollers are equipped with low noise ABEC bearings
  • No high voltage motors or drive chains assist in the quiet operation of 24V conveyor

Saves Energy

  • Conveyor is controlled so that rollers are off when no product is detected, the result is less power consumption ("Run on Demand" feature)
  • Zero pressure requires no pneumatic components

Reduced Installation Costs

  • High installation costs of making electric drops for connection to high voltage AC motors is greatly reduced
  • Modular components are pre-wired. Simply bolt conveyor section together and plug together the power and control connectors

Modular Components

  • Easily configured systems
  • Simply unplug and unbolt the conveyor sections from each other and arrange them to meet your future needs

Reduced Down Time

  • Rollers can be easily replaced

Zero Pressure Accumulation Features

  • Cascade release
  • Slug release
  • Internal logic
  • External PLC logic

Accessory Equipment

  • Tapered roller curves
  • 30° and 45° spurs
  • 90° transfer
  • Diverters
  • Floor and Ceiling Supports


Variable Speeds

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